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Research / Benchmark

We carry out a wide range of research on policies and trends in the field of sustainable development  (markets, industries, companies) in the EU and European countries and regions *. Please contact us for a proposal tailored to your objectives, content, time frame and budget.
Our clients would be:
- Companies / organisations working on sustainable business management
- Governments and various organisations involved in creating a sustainable society
We receive many enquiries on:
- Social aspects (labor policy, work style reform, wellbeing management, diversity and inclusion, gender equality, human rights, international cooperation, social entrepreneurship, technology for social problem solving, etc.)
- Environmental aspects (circular economy, decarbonisation, renewable energy, conversion of product materials, new business and product development, environment-related investment, finance and taxation, international cooperation, collaboration with NGOs, technology and environmental issues, etc.)
(1) Search / translation of existing public data (academic survey / treatise, government-related survey, private survey, various article data)

(2) Search / purchase agency / translation of private existing paid data (academic survey / treatise, government-related survey, private survey)

(3) Individual design survey-online + offline (individual interview, focus group, etc.)


Contract will be one of the one-off survey contract, or the continuity of the benchmark contract (investigation report throughout the year with the specific survey items).

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