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Nagata Global Partners is an independent consulting firm that has been working since 2003 with the aim of creating a sustainable human society and natural environment.


Based in France, Nagata Global Partners has supported more than 250 companies and public institutions, including Fortune Global 500 companies, in their projects around the world.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience and know-how and are familiar with the different cultures of the West and the East.

1. A liberal arts perspective and arguments

We provide support from the perspectives and points of view of a diverse global society, taking a broad view of business management in space and time, including "history and the future", "the world and the region", "the company and society", "management and the workplace", "strategy and action", "theory and practice", and "what not to change and what to change".

2. Change that gets to the root and essence

Rather than making partial or superficial improvements, we get to the root of the issues faced by our clients and work together with stakeholders (employees, consumers, shareholders, local government, etc.) to bring about essential change.

3. Sustainable, long-term vision and strategy

Together with our clients, we develop and implement strategies to achieve sustainable development for ourselves by contributing to the sustainable development of society (people) and the planet (nature).


Message from Nagata

Crossing national borders, we have entered an era in which everyone is responsible for society (people) and the earth (environment). Governments, citizens, academia and businesses need to work together globally to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.


There is increasing global pressure on companies to shift to sustainable business management activities. The global society requires companies to have free ideas, diverse discussions, bold actions and leadership that draws them out, beyond the boundaries of conventional stereotypes, common sense, and organizational culture. It's a paradigm shift.


France, where Nagata Global Partners was born, is a land that has created and nurtured many new values that will change the history of the world. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the salon was a cultural and intellectual place of creation for people across nationalities, genders, professions and disciplines.


We also want to provide our customers with a salon where they can engage in creative activities through dialogue from a variety of liberal arts perspectives. It is possible to create a better future by observing the essence that transcends the times and regions, guiding the transformation of business management together with customers, by mixing historical events and the ideal future, Western and Eastern values and culture. This is our vision.


Kimihiko Nagata, Founder

Our Clients (excerpt)

Automobile, Electric, Machinery, Heavy industry (automobiles, electrical and electronic, machinery, heavy industry)

Areva (France), Komatsu (Japan), Kuka (Germany), Kumho (South-Korea), Mitsubishi Motors (Japan), Renault (France), Rover (UK), Yamaha (Japan), Veolia (France)

Chemical, Medical, Cosmetics

Bourjois (France), Daikin (Japan), Lancôme (France), L'Oreal (France), Pola cosmetic (Japan), Sanofi (France), Toray (Japan), UCB (Belgium), Roche (Switzerland)

Food, Restaurant

Bertrand Group (France), Champagne Taittinger (France), Dalloyau (France), Danone (France), Denny's (USA)

Service, Finance, Construction

Axa Investment Partners (France), France Telecom (France), JC Decaux (France), Mori Building (Japan), Tokyo Gas (Japan), Total (France)

Textile, Fashion, Jewelery (Clothing / Fashion / Jewelry)

Agnes b (France), Baccarat (France), Boucheron (France), Calvin Klein (USA), Cartier (France), Céline (France), Christian Dior (France), Dunhill (UK), Louis Vuitton (France), Nike (USA), Nina Ricci (France), Mauboussin (France), Piaget (Suisse), Seiko (Japan), Wacoal (France)

Public organization & Business association

Bank of France (France), Business Research Institute (Japan), City of Osaka (Japan), du Développement durable et de la Mer (France), Ministère de l'Écologie, de l'Énergie, Japan Gas Association (Japan), JETRO (Japan)

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