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NGP approach


Companies are being asked by both citizens and international politics to change their business management to one that continuously has a positive impact on people and nature. Companies need to see this as a major opportunity for their own sustainable development and make a bold shift to sustainable business.


Nagata Global Partners defines sustainable business management as "an economic activity that pursues profit while contributing to the sustainable development of society (people) and the natural environment (planet)”.

​This concept originates from the "Forestry Code" established in the 14th century in France by Philippe VI of the Valois dynasty. It has since evolved and been incorporated into academic research and corporate behaviour as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), particularly in Europe. More recently, it has evolved into a commitment to various international goals, standards and guidelines (SDGs, Paris Agreement, ESG investment, ISO 26000, GRI Standards, TCFD, etc.).


NGP's multinational consultants take a two-pronged view of sustainable business management. The first is the European perspective, which is a world leader in the development of sustainable societies. The second is the Japanese perspective, which is rooted in a traditionally sustainable culture, born and bred in a society that values simplicity and beauty, living in harmony with nature.


By taking advantage of this two-way perspective, we are able to provide our clients with the most appropriate programme to support their transition to sustainable business management. We also help our clients to maximise the understanding and engagement of their employees and all stakeholders globally.






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