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"The arrest of Mr. Ghosn reveals Japan's" group palm back "from French society"

pp.76-77, Weekly Diamond Vol48, Diamond, December 2018

"Cultural power of executives is the key to corporate survival"

pp.26-27, Monthly Global Management, Japan Overseas Business Association, December 2014

"Regain the world's top position-A case of regional branding centered on wine"

pp.22-24, Marketing Horizon Vol.9, Japan Marketing Association, September 2012

"La vie des couples mixetes franco-japonais"

p.2, Le Prep Asien No.32, Prep Asia, October 2010

"Japanese Pop Culture invades the globe" pp.28-29, Echanges No.274,

Association Nationale des Directeurs Financiers et de Contrôle de Gestion, March 2010

"How to solve human problems with the globalization of business and management"

pp.27-31, Overseas Investment and Loan, Overseas Investment and Loan Information Foundation, September 2010 (ISSN 0917-8732)

"Nautical charts of European companies during the Great Depression"

pp.21-25, Overseas Investment and Loan, Overseas Investment and Loan Information Foundation, September 2009 (ISSN 0917-8732)

"I'm scared of this silence! -A glimpse of the differences between Japanese and French culture in business and management "

pp.5-7, Bon vivant, Osaka Business Club en France, May 2008

"Creation of Globally Acceptable Organizational Dignity and Leaders"

pp.50-51, Business Research No.1000, Corporate Research Association, September 2007

"Strategic Diversity Management-Prerequisite Individual Independence"

pp.54-57, Insight Vol.35, Japanese Material Management Association, September 2006

"Strategic Diversity Management-M & A / Strategic Alliance and Diversity Management"

pp.1-7, Insight Vol.34, Japanese Material Management Association, July 2006

"Intercultural intersection-Characteristics of global manager"

p.16, Global Manager Vol.24, Institute for International Business Communication, February 2006

"Intercultural intersection-Japanese struggling at European companies"

p.15, Global Manager Vol.23, Institute for International Business Communication, November 2005

"Integrated management that determines the success or failure of M & A-How to overcome culture fortress"

P.51-57, Business Research No.975, Corporate Research Association, August 2005 (ISSN 09121552)

"Intercultural intersection-Japanese (company) are difficult to understand? 』\

p.15, Global Manager Vol.22, Institute for International Business Communication, August 2005

"Strategic Diversity Management-Globalization and Diversity Management Capacity Development"

pp.13-18, Insight Vol.33, Japanese Material Management Association, August 2005

"Strategic Diversity Management-From Monoculture to Heteroculture Organization"

pp.13-19, Insight Vol.32, Japanese Material Management Association, July 2005

"Intercultural Crossroads-Mosaic Culture-Intercultural Enterprise Alliance in Europe"

p.15, Global Manager Vol.21, Institute for International Business Communication, May 2005

"Quality and Skills Required for Cross-Cultural Management / Executives-Pitpits of International M & A"

pp.12-15, Monthly Global Management, Japan Overseas Business Association, July 2003 (ISSN 1345-2932)

"LVMH Group and PPR Group Competing for the Top of the Distribution and Jewelery Industry"

Trade Public Relations, JETRO, September 2002

"The world's second media group" Vivendy Universal "has reached the critical moment of management"

Trade Public Relations, JETRO, June 2002

USTREAM TV: Mariko Hara's Global Village

"Understanding different cultures in the global era" (broadcast on October 10, 2012, solo appearance)

IB (Data Max)

"Three arrows from a global perspective are important in the era of going abroad" (July 11, 2013, No.1851, P.12 ~ 13)

The Liberty (Happiness Science Publishing)
"To keep track of Japan's strengths" (December 2017 issue, P.46-47)

Mainichi newspaper

"Issue-" High Professional "Yes or No" (June 9, 2018, morning edition)

"Kimihiko Nagata A Word from Paris to Japan" Diamond Online (Diamond) October 2011-Present

37th How to organize "your tasks" to maintain mental health even in a closed life (2020/5/12)

The 36th Corona's closed life hurts people's hearts (2020/4/19)

Lockdown all over the country at the 35th Corona, more than 90% of French welcomed (2020/4/3)

34th Corona Visit to France forbidden to go out, Opportunity to Reconsider Skinship and Sex Life (2020/3/29)

The 33rd Corona Crisis warms people's hearts in France (2020/3/24)

The reason why the world paid attention to the 32nd "Mr. Ghosn" interview and "Professor Iwata" cruise ship video (2020/3/3)

31st Japan's unstoppable deterioration, "income inequality" destroys people's minds and society (2019/12/2)

The 30th "World's Best Speaker" Challenged by Senior Entrepreneurs in France, a Small Entrepreneur (August 1, 2019)

The 29th The correct view of the French "Yellow Vest" demonstration that cannot be seen from Japan (2018/12/19)

Japan's "group palm return" seen from French society by the 28th arrest of Mr. Ghosn (2018/11/23)

27th Reasons why there are many "minority" experienced people at the top of companies where work style reform is progressing (2018/9/7)

26th It is necessary to change "Customers are God" to eliminate overtime from Japan (2018/9/6)

25th Why Japanese people can't get paid and French people can get paid (2018/9/5)

The 24th "Employee Happiness First" Management Expands in France, Reasons to Expect in Japan (2018/8/15)

The 23rd "High Professional" has merits for both labor and management if the target person and operation are strict (2018/4/12)

22nd France is expanding long working hours due to discretionary labor system (2018/2/28)

21st Perspectives from France that are lacking in work style reform in Japan (2018/2/12)

20th European Financial Hub Battle, Paris and Frankfurt Whereabouts (2017/10/17)

The 19th vacation power France's light and shadow, widening "vacation gap" (2017/8/17)

The 18th Japan aims to become a "Vacation Power" rather than making it mandatory to take paid holidays (2017/8/16)

17th Create a society where Japanese people do not have to apologize for taking paid holidays (2017/8/15)

The 16th French paid leave acquisition rate is 100% (2017/8/14)

The 15th Japan in Wonderland that labels humans as "regular / non-regular" (2016/5/19)

14th What is the difference between France with 90% regular employment and Japan with 40% non-regular employment (2016/5/18)

The 13th Recommendation of "Japan that does not work more" -In a shorter time, you will earn more and become richer! (2015/01/16)

The twelfth warning to Japan, a society where women get tired [Part 2] -One of the causes of long working hours is sticking to "how" rather than "purpose"


The 12th Society for Women to Get Tired Warning for Japan [Part 1] -A "national overtime society" with an attitude of "not thinking and following"


11th Can sake change from "Japanese sake" to "world sake"? (2013/6/4)

10th "I don't want to fight Japan" This is the true intention of China

-Interview with Valerie Nikke, Director of Asia Division, FRS-France Strategic Research Foundation (2013/05/13)

The 9th The real reason why the male society does not collapse while being shouted "Women save Japan" (2013/1/21)

8th Do you call your wife / husband by name? The merits and demerits of a "role couple" whose romance is cooled and maintained in a relationship


Mr. Hollande (2012/05/25) who got the G8 endorsement on the growth path with the possibility of becoming the 7th "European savior"

6th 3.11 to 1 year, to Japanese people who show "face" to the world (2012/03/02)

5th I am not worried about the future of Japan! The Japanese have the wisdom to turn adversity into an opportunity

--Interview with former French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry Christian Soter (2012/01/25)

The 4th De-Title Society-Can We Live Without Business Cards? (2011/12/21)

The 3rd European Crisis is finally in full swing and the "Shadow Economy" behind it (2011/12/08)

The second virtue of Japan, a country with a small disparity in mind (2011/11/11)

The 1st Japanese people want to review, the virtues of Japan that the world falls in love with (2011/10/07)

2. 2. Ronza (Asahi Shimbun) European Populism and Intellectual Fight, November 2018

3. 3. "Kimihiko Nagata's Ring Eye" Nikkei Net (Nikkei Inc.) June 2007-March 2010

25th Last word "This is enough for Japan to go" (2010/3/13)

24th What's wrong with not being able to speak English-Be wary of language-based aggression (2010/01/08)

The 23rd This is strange Japan's declining birthrate discussion (2009/10/08)

22nd Don't leave yourself to Taiki or long things (2009/06/12)

21st Do anything when it comes to it! Hardworking Louise 63-year-old way of life (2009/04/03)

The 20th Employment Crisis is an Opportunity to Change (2009/01/27)

The 19th "Kotobagari" worries about Japan, the great power (2008/10/23)

18th People who take off brightly ── The ever-increasing number of modern nudes (2008/09/25)

The 17th Real translation of many overtime work in Japan ─ ​​Japan's virtues and feats (2008/08/07)

16th Service Overtime Dependent Country Japan (Part 2 Men are not tried at night) (2008/07/18)

15th Report to Japan, a country dependent on overtime work (Part 1 Why work for free?) (2008/06/09)

14th What's wrong with turning in 3 months! (2008/05/16)

The 13th Big Bang in the Sky Accelerates-The Aviation Industry Enters an Era of Global Reorganization (2008/04/09)

The 12th Chinese Wind Blowing in the World <Part 2> Chinese Targeted in the World (2008/03/07)

The 11th Chinese Wind Blowing the World <Part 1> Invasion of Kenya, Sudan and Africa (2007/02/06)

The 10th Man who raised his salary nearly three times-Sarkozy style "Work more, earn more" (2007/12/19)

It's not the 9th "Kubi = Loser Group" -It's painful ... but I got courage ... I'll do my best (2007/11/06)

The 8th "Kubi = Loser Group", the dark climate of Japan (2007/10/02)

The 7th New Japonisme Dominates the World (2007/09/04)

The 6th International Marriage Core "Culture and Psychology Management" <Part 2> (2007/08/08)

The Core of the 5th International Marriage "Culture and Psychology Management" <Part 1> (2007/07/24)

4th Divorce / Mistress / Homosexuality ... What happened? (2007/07/09)

3rd Collision of difference creates power (2007/06/26)

2nd Japanese who are strangely conscious of the opposite sex? (2007/06/13)

What's wrong with the 1st top vacation (2007/06/05)

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