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NGP approach

Nagata Global Partners, based in France since 2003, has helped more than 250 companies and institutions including some Fortune Global 500 companies, in globalization of their businesses, management and people. Our assistances cover from strategy development to its implementation, based on the principle of creating a sustainable human society and natural environment.


We have particularly extensive experience in the strategic projects for European/North American companies into Japan and China, and for Japanese companies into Europe and Africa.


Global companies face risks due to the diverse cultural, social and legal environments in which they operate. It's essential to strike a balance between global and local adaptation of business vision, products, services, supply chains, organisational structures and employees. It's also important to grasp the advantages of diversity.


NGP's multinational consultants are well familiar with the different cultures of the West and the East. They have extensive experience in leading and supporting strategic change projects in cross-cultural environments.

NGP will lead clients to ensure their sustainable development and create forward-thinking and innovative organisations based on our liberal arts approach, strategic thinking and intercultural management skills. 





People &  Organisations

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